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In 2016, following the birth of my second baby, I stumbled into the world of blogs, vlogging and the art of telling stories online. Social media, Youtube and Mailchimp, all played a large part in the following years as I spent time writing and publishing, dipping my toes into a new world of possibility, opening doors on to new ventures.

Writing stories and sharing them online became my creative outlet from the every day norm of being mum. It took my mind off the endless “to do” list and school admin that was needing my attention. It sparked the love of writing I knew had always been there since I was that little girl making up stories and turning them in to books, handed out to family with pride.

Now, I write to share family days out with the occasional motherhood post thrown in. If you want to know the best Wainwright walks to take the kids on, or where to stay when holidaying in Northumberland, then you may enjoy reading a few more of my posts. I would recommend taking a browse anyway, I like to write about most things. My most popular post to date is the one titled “7 reasons why being a woman sucks”; variety is the spice of life right?

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