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Photo from previous collaboration with brand Baby Bjorn.
Blog post for local attraction Whitehouse Farm.

Blog posts

Having a blog on your website, or running alongside it, is the best way for your audience to really connect with you and your brand. You might be sharing “behind the scenes” of what goes into the running of your business. “A day in the life” style post or chatty update. Or perhaps you will use your blog to review products and share new exciting “coming soon” posts.

By engaging with your audience, you are building the foundations for a loyal customer fan base, who will return for more and be keen to see what you are going to do next.

I have been writing for my own blog and more recently for North East Family Fun as a freelance contributor, since 2017. But have also written posts for the Council’s website and The Outdoor Guide.

Newsletters and Emails

Now you have your audience captivated, you need to keep them engaged right?

A weekly newsletter landing in someone’s inbox, not only reminds them that you are there, but will also mean they are at the front of the queue to see what you are offering them. From discounts to promotions, your audience want to feel valued. What question is it you are answering for them? How are you helping them?

A mailing list is your most powerful tool for building that relationship. If social media were to disappear over night, you would always have your mailing list. That is why it is so important to remain consistent.

Website content.

I am experienced in SEO. Your website is fully optimized when you are adding consistent content to your site. It will rank your page higher on Google and your audience will come back time and time again.

I can write content for your website, including call to actions, that will be SEO friendly, helping you to stay consistent and stay on top of the web admin.

As with any piece of work, phone calls and video chats will help build the bigger picture of what you want your site to read. Calls and research are factored in to the overall cost, so no hidden charges.

Articles for print.

Through research and communication, I can write to match the tone of your magazine or print article.

An example piece, written for a Positive Vine magazine for mothers. This article reaches an audience of mums who wish to carve time out for themselves. Full of self care, motivation and creative pieces, I was able to write empathetically and passionately on the subject, drawing from own experience. However, I am an adaptable writer and cover a range of topics, from outdoor experiences to cookery. Lifestyle to Early Years content. Working to deadlines whilst delivering quality articles. Just get in touch to discuss your publication needs.

Social media management.

Outsourcing your social media tasks, frees up time for you to concentrate on the running of your business. Scheduling tools will help you stay consistent but you need the personal touch to make your audience feel valued. I offer a range of social media management packages, whether your audience are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Using Canva to bring your stories to life digitally. I can also create video content for TikTok or YouTube depending on your requirements.


Do you have a plan for a non-fiction book that would run alongside your business? Would this book promote a product or give your brand a voice? You have done the research and know the format of your book but don’t have the time to actually sit and write it? I have written and self published two books which have received five star reviews, therefore have a sound understanding of the process and know how time consuming this can be.

Let me do the hard part for you, actually writing your book ready to be uploaded to your publishing site. All prices are unique to each client but I do offer package deals to include marketing of your book.

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